Review Instructions

Review Instructions

Congratulations on being approved by the TDLR. Thank you for joining our team.

These details address the unique and special driver education requirements for the State of Texas Department of Public Safety

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing our program, TEXAS DRIVERS ED. You have just purchased the finest, and most complete, driver education and training program available in the country. We consider it an honor that you have chosen us to help you teach your teen how to drive. Our program will give them the structure, discipline, and skills to truly become a Safe Driver For Life.

Throughout this program, you will be crossing several milestones. It is important to read carefully, pay attention and move forward when you have completed each section. As you have moved forward, previously read material will be available for review.

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Moving Forward

Texas has strict rules that govern Parent-Taught Driver Education. Before you begin the course, please verify that the intended instructor is eligible to teach under Texas rules. In accordance with our refund policy, we can not issue a refund after 15 days or after permit qualifying documentation has been issued--even if the instructor is found to be ineligible to teach. According to Texas form DL 92, eligibility requirements include:



The Entire Staff at TEXAS DRIVERS ED.

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What's Next?

Let's talk about what you are going to need to get your permit. First off, we already know that you have registered with TDLR. Nice Work! TEXAS DRIVERS ED is a concurrent course. Texas requires that you complete the first six hours of this program before you can obtain the proper forms to take your permit exam. You may study up to 2 hours in a 24 hour period. If you believe you have studied for longer than 2 hours, don't worry! We will remind you and stop you when we feel that you have studied too much for that day.

After you have completed your first 6 hours, you will download the DE-964 form that you will need when you take your exam. To apply for your permit, you are going to need the following:

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Studying for the Permit Exam

You may begin studying for your permit exam whenever you feel comfortable doing so. You may study the Texas handbook for more than 2 hours a day if you prefer. Click on the image to the right to download and study the Texas Driver Handbook. Or click here. The questions listed in the back of the book is a good reference point for studying for the exam.

The student will be administered the Texas Permit Test at the Department of Public Safety and, upon passing the test, will be issued a permit. Call us on 800-942-2050 from the DPS office if any confusion should arise regarding our program. (If you have a cellular telephone, take it with you).


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Behind-The-Wheel Training

After you have completed your first six hours, you may move on to Section 2. Provided that you have obtained your permit, behind-the-wheel instruction will begin at the end of Section 2.

The Behind-the-Wheel instructions for the student are provided at the end of each section. Instruct the student in the car according to the BTW instructions (for the parent). After passing Section 2 exam, the student graduates to Section 3, and begins Section 3 course work. Each Section will contain, reading, testing and then in-car instruction.

The Texas 30-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Guide is available here. For your convenience, in-car guidelines are available in the appropriate Sections.


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Course Completion

Upon completion of Section 8, we will enable your DE-964 download link and your "Driver License Packet", which will include class and driving logs. To complete this program, you will need the following:

Students may download the DE 964E Texas Driver Education Certificate and the Driver's License Packet. You
will need to print and take both documents to the DPS for the driver license test.

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Impact Texas Teen Drivers Course

Prior to obtaining a license, all students will be required to take the (FREE) 2-hour Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) program. If a student is taking their road test with a Third Party Skills Testing school, the student is required to watch the ITTD program. If you visit a DPS location and have any issues concerning this please call the Driver Education section (512-424-5623) at DPS before leaving the station so they can help without having to make a return visit.

ITTD is a separate requirement and must be completed no more than 90 days prior to the applicant taking the skills examination. ITTD should be completed after the 32 classroom hours and all behind the wheel instruction has been given and is the last step before taking the driving skills examination. Click here for more information. We will also remind you later in the program in case you forget.

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Applying for the License

Take the following items with you to the DPS for the teen’s driver license:

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Ready to Roll!

Phew! Glad that is over. Now you may actually begin your course. Our goal is to make this process as simple for you as possible. We will periodically check in to give you an update on your status. If you have questions during any part of this process, feel free to give us a call: 800-942-2050 and we will help you ASAP.

You are about to begin your first 6-hours, which we have titled "Section 1". Remember, you may only study for 2 hours a day. We will let you know when you have reached that limit. It will take the student at least 3 days to complete Section 1. Good luck!

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