Driving Log Instructions- Please print

How do the log sheets work?

Use the log sheets in two ways:

1. Record general driving over a period of time. On a weekly or monthly basis, record the general driving time your student has accomplished for that time period and the circumstances under which your student drove.

Date: 19-26 April 2016                               Driving Time: 3 hours                                  Night Driving: 30 min

Comments: Drove to and from school M-F, 2.5 hrs. Drove to Football game and back Friday night.

Verifier’s Initials: SLW

2. Record formal evaluation time or specific trips

Date: 29 April 2016                                Driving Time: 1 hour                                   Night Driving: 1 hour

Comments: Drove to Grandma's for birthday party. Experienced night driving on 2 lane highway, light rain, fog, and hills.

Verifier’s Initials: SLW


Date: 29 April 2000                                   Driving Time: 1 hour                                   Night Driving: _____

Comments: Formal evaluation for lesson 1, scored 85 pts. Need to focus on left hand turns before we move out of the parking lot.
Verifier’s Initials: SLW