Coninued Education | Texas Driver Ed
PT #148

Continued Education

aka Defensive Driving Course, Traffic Safety Course, Traffic School, or other Safe Driving Course, Clinic, or Program.


This course can be taken to:


  • Get Traffic Tickets Dismissed
  • Remove or Reduce Points
  • Earn Auto Insurance Discounts
  • Improve Your Traffic Safety Skills
  • Support Your Company or School's Safe Driving & Risk Reduction Goals
  • Enhance any Driver Ed Curriculum


Take your course online with our 2, 4, and 8 hour options:


  • America's most ADVANCED, PROACTIVE, and SUBSTANTIAL Driver Improvement Program
  • If you need to take an 8-Hour Defensive Driving Course, Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI) program, Traffic Safety Clinic, Traffic School, or other Safe Driving Course, this is the online program for you to enroll in.
  • 100% Online Course: do the program at your own pace from any desktop, laptop, or tablet computer
  • Lots of training VIDEOS, photos, and graphics to enhance the text and keep you engaged
  • FREE Audio Read-Along feature: sit back and listen to text portions of the course if you choose
  • Expertly designed course material that is Easy to Use, Read, Watch, Listen to, Study, Share, and Retain
  • Become a better, safer driver in just 8 hours
  • Multiple-choice tests for each section
  • FREE Certificate of Completion is included; email delivery of printable document in handy PDF format
  • 24-Hour U.S.-based Technical Support from a friendly team of representatives
  • Minimum Time Requirements for each section to ensure that you meet court-mandated standards
  • Optional Identity Security: Voice Recognition, Tactile, Iris, Fingerprint, and Photo Identification available
  • Our Strategic Driving approach goes a step beyond the conventional Defensive Driving approach
  • CA-8 is a practical, proactive Behavior Modification course
  • Developed by a recognized authority in Driver and Traffic Safety: Charles E. McDaniel, PhD - "The Dean of Driver Ed"
  • CA-8 helps students to compensate in advance for the mistakes of other drivers
  • Organized by 28 Key Principles, which are summarized by short, memorable, big print headlines - making the course material Easy to Scan, Review, Recall, Share, and Teach
  • Finally, a more PRECISE and FLEXIBLE Driver and Traffic Safety Solution for your company, school, or group.
  • Utilizes genuine Driver and Traffic Safety Best Practices
  • Reduce the risks faced by your employees and your families AND protect your company's bottom line
  • The 28 Principles of Collision Avoidance can be flexibly taught as modules
  • This course incorporates unique, precise techniques for training students to become better, safer drivers
  • SafeCourse partner NDTI (National Driver Training Institute) is recognized as a formal Driver Education and Training School by many insurance companies